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PC Win Boot Quick Tutorial


Once downloaded the current version. Unzip it, and choose the right platform according to whether your Windows system is 64bit or 32bit. Installation is simple, by default, click continue until it's fully completed. Now you are ready to run the program from your Windows start menu.


Start PC Win Boot, click the "register" button located at the buttom right corner, a registration form will pop up. Now go to your email and copy the order id, email address and license type into the form, click register. The registration process is taken place through internet, therefore, you need to make sure your internet is connected. The registration process usually takes 2~3 seconds, after that, you are ready to start doing your backup jobs.

Click the button below to start registration. You will need the order id, license type and email prepared. To order a license, please go here.


Choose the working directory

Choose a working directory. This working directory has to be an empty directory and, It cannot be any subdirectory of the programs that were going to be added to the boot disc. This is important and you are responsible for avoiding those directories.


Find WAIK, Install WAIK

PC Win Boot requires microsoft Windows Automated Installation Kit to be installed. You need to click "Find WAIK" to ask PC Win Boot to check the WAIK that were already installed on your computer. If not found, you can click "Install WAIK" to automates the installation process. This process may takes a while to finish. Please be patient when waiting for the requirement insalltaion. The WAIK installation package size is 1.63GB. Therefore, make sure your workind directory has enough space for the downloaded file.


Adding programs to Boot disc

Click the "Add Program" button to add portable programs to your Boot disc. IMPORTANT: If you are using 64 bit system, you can only add 64 bit versions of programs to your boot disc. If you are using 32 bit program, you can only add 32 bit programs to your boot disc. Those restriction came from the PE environment itself. Microsoft PE environment cannot run 32 bit programs on 64 bit PE environment. When you are adding PC Disk Tools products to the boot disc. Please make sure you are adding the correct version. We offer both 64 bit and 32 bit distributions.


Select Program location

Once "Add Program" button was clicked. You will be directed to the page shown below. Now Choose the folder of the program you are adding. If you are adding PC Disk Tools programs, those program installation folder by default is "C:\...\PC Disk Clone x64" or "C:\...\PC Disk Clone x32".


Choose the program

Now choose the program to be added to the boot disc.


Give a friendly name

Give a friendly name to the program. This name will be displayed in the boot disc start menu to help you and other users easily get an sense of what that program is. Then click "Add". Then continue the same way by in section "2. Add programs' shortcuts to Boot Disk Start Menu", until all the programs for this folder were added. Finally click "Add Program" add the bottom to confirm your selections and settings. Now you will directed to the "Build Boot Disk" Page, you can continue adding more programs by clicking "Add Program" again. Or you can start building the boot disc now..


Build your bootable ISO file

Now, PC Win Boot is ready to rock, click "Build *.ISO Boot Disk" to generate a bootable CD/DVD image file (ISO image). After all finished, you can start burning this ISO into your CD/DVD right way using any of your favorable burner software. Notice: This generated ISO file is located in your Working directory.


Build your bootable USB stick

This tutorial will not be written in quick tutorial, but you can easily find its tutorial in PC Win Boot's Blog. We highly recommend you to subscribe to its blog by email. You will always get the latest tutorials and tips right through your email.

Example of using PC Win Boot as system recovery:

Trouble shooting Windows 7 Boot Error

If you encounter problems of of booting Windows Vista / 7 from your new hard drive and getting the error shown below. There two ways to fix the error. One automatic but you will need a Windows Installation which might not always true to everyone, the other way is manual by using Windows PE Boot CD created by PC Win Boot.


Temporarily disconnect any other hard disks except the new one. It's important and you are responsible for disconnecting the right ones.

Option I (Automatic repair):

Put your Windows setup DVD or your System Repair Disc in the drive and restart your PC. Assuming you've properly configured your BIOS to boot from CDs/DVDs before hard drives (or you can press F12 if your PC supports it to boot from the CD), you should get a prompt asking you to "Press any key to boot from the CD/DVD..."

Press a key, and the CD will begin to load. If you are using your Windows Installation CD, you'll see a dialog asking you want to Install Now, or in the lower left corner, an option to "Repair your Computer," which you'll want to click.

Select "Repair your computer" to continue.

On the next window, choose the Windows 7 installation that you'd like to perform the repair on.

Click the Next button. Proceed with the process by choosing "Startup Repair" to fix the boot problem.


Option II (Manual Repair)

First, use your rescue cd which created before using PC Win Boot. Set up the BIOS to boot from the CD. You should get a prompt asking you to "Press any key to boot from the CD/DVD...", press any key to continue, after all, you will see a screen like below:


Next, close the PC Win Boot Menu window by clicking the [x] on the right. you will see a command line window.

We are assuming that your Windows 7 installation is by using its default setting which has a small active 100MB primary partition containing all the boot files and a partition which contains all your C drive data (as shown in the first picture below).


Before typing commands shown below, run "diskpart" first.

Now type the command as shown in below, step by step:

  1. "select disk 0"
  2. "list partition"
  3. "select partition 1"
  4. "detail partition": In the output, you will see that this partition is an active partition, which means system are booting from this partition.
  5. "remove letter=C": this partition is a hidden partition and it shouldn't be assigned to any drive letter.
  1. "select partition 2": This partition should be your original C drive. To verify that, you can exit diskpart for a second and type "D:" and "dir" to see if there are folders like "Windows", "Program Files" etc. Now go back to diskpart, type "selection disk 0", "selection partition 2";
  2. "detail partition": You should notice the drive letter "D" in the output;
  3. "remove letter=D"
  1. "assign letter=C": correct the system partition to its right letter.
  2. "select disk 0"
  3. "uniqueid disk id=C3E8A9B1": The string "C3E8A9B1" is a random hexical form 4 bytes number. You can assign any valid hexical 4 bytes number as you wish. But please remember the length of the string is exactly 8.
  4. "exit"
  1. "bcdboot C:\Windows": Now you have successfully fix the boot manager error.
  2. Reboot your computer and take out the Recovery CD. You should be able to boot from the new hard drive successfully.

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