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PC Renewer Quick Tutorial


Once downloaded the current version. Installation is quite simple. By default, click next until everything is completed. Currently we only offer 32 bit version of PC Renewer it can be run on 64 bit versions of Windows. PC Renewer is Windows platform program and is not for running on Windows PE environments.


Please notice that without a license you will not be able to run PC Renewer. If this is the first time you run PC Renewer, a registration form will be prompted. Find out your order ID and email which you used when placing order and copy them into the registration form, then choose the license type the order you placed, this information also contains in your email.


Quick Scan

The Home page is the shortcut for nornmal system scans. Click "Start Scan" to scan the options you selected.


Registry Clean

Clean up isolated, invalid registry keys and fix error keys is as simple as clicking the Start Scan button shown below.


Junk File Cleaning

Systems and applications generate temporary files and some of them become accumulated and undeleted. Those files some times takes up to GB disk spaces. Cleaning up those junk files can free a lot of disk space.


Evidence Cleaning

Cleaning evidence traces can prevent malicious software to spy on your privacy. And keeping your identity safe is easy, PC Renewer prevents most privacy leaks by cleaning up your personal traces left in the computer.


File Shredder

All computer experts knows a simple file delete will not actually deletes everything. Many data recovery software can recover those deleted files. PC Renewer File Shredder function help you shred every bit of the file to randomness a couple of times. No data recovery software will ever those shredded files.


Repair File Associations

Repair broken file associations


IE Repair and ActiveX repair

Fix Internet Explorer potential risks and errors.


System Optimization based on location


Application Optimization

Speed up Disk IO speeds and menu reaction speed.


Optimize Internet Speed

Maximize Inetnet speed based on internet connection types.


Startup Management

Manage startup programs, optimize Windows start up.


BHO Management

Manage BHO modules, optimize internet explorer speed.


Registry Backup

Backup your Registry keys and values in case of recovery is needed.


Backup favorites bookmarks



Set PC Renewer to start when Windows starts. Get help from PC Disk Tools support team.


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