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PC Image Clone 5.0 Quick Tutorial


Once downloaded the current version. Unzip it, and choose the right platform according to whether your Windows system is 64bit or 32bit. It wouldn't make any difference unless you are going to create the rescue boot disk using PC Win Boot. Installation is simple, by default, click continue until it's fully completed. Now you are ready to run the program from your Windows start menu.


Start PC Image Clone, click the "register" button located at the buttom right corner, a registration form will pop up. Now go to your email and copy the order id, email address and license type into the form, click register. The registration process is taken place through internet, therefore, you need to make sure your internet is connected. The registration process usually takes 2~3 seconds, after that, you are ready to start doing your backup jobs.

Click the button below to start registration. You will need the order id, license type and email prepared. To order a license, please go here.

Firewall configuration

Both network functions of PC Image Clone and PC Client require specific firewall configurations.

In order to use Network functions, you need to configure the firewall on both server and all client computers. You need to add Inbound and OutBound rules for these UDP ports: 30998, 30999, 31000. Without adding these rules may prevent PC Image Clone detecting the client computers.

Configure your firewall as follows:

Start PC Client program

PC Image Clone network functions needs PC Client program to be run on each client side computers in order to set up the connections. You can download the latest PC Client version from here. When PC Client starts, give a name for each client computer through PC Client and click "Start". Now everything is prepared on client side. You can go and configure the server.

Notice: Any Target hard disk should contain ZERO partitions. Please remove all partitions in Control Panel before starting Server side application.


Network functions Overview

The clone functions on the top are all network based with two sections, which includes backup/recover images of a group of remote hard drive and, backup/recover images of a group of remote partitions.

PC Image Clone makes large scale computer backup recovery much easier in terms of convenience, speed and usability. With an optimized network transmission algorithm and parallel execution, remote computer backup recovery becomes much efficient.

Detailed instructions for Network functions

Backup / Recover a group of computer hard disks remotely

First of all, start all PC Client programs on the client sides. Make sure all targe disks contain ZERO partitions. Start server application, choose "PC Disks Backup and Recovery".


Click "Start Search" to detect all clients. All detected clients will be listed in the right list. If you have problem finding clients. Plase make sure the firewalls on both client and server computers are configured correctly.


Add Backup and Recovery tasks by clicking the buttons "Add Backup" and "Add Recovery".


If you are adding a backup task, a dialog will be raised (see the picture below), then you choose a client from the dialog client list, then choose the corresponding disk as the source disk, then create a image file on the server as the targe image.


If you are adding a recovery task, a dialog like to picture below will be shown, you need to firstly choose your source image file from the server, then select a client and it's disk as target. Remember that, this target this must contain ZERO partitions. If you have any client's target disk has partition, you will be asked to delete them and restart all PC Client programs as well as PC Image Clone server program.


After all tasks were added, you may click start button to start all tasks immediately.


Backup / Recover a group of computer partitions remotely

The following pictures shows you how to backup and recover a group of computer partitions through LAN. This functionality is designed to backup and recover each computer individually but simultaneously.

First of all, start all PC Client programs on the client sides, then click start search as show in number (1) below. Wait until all clients are listed in the area of number (2). Add any number of Backup or recovery tasks by clicking buttons in number (3). All created tasks will be listed in number (4). You can delete any task by double click in (4). In the end, click start button and rock it.


Local functions Overview

PC Image Clone can also do local hard drive backup recovery jobs with the easiest steps with a large numbers of hard drive support as well as super fast speed.

Most functions are very straight forward and operations are same as PC Disk Clone X. If you still have problems, please either find help from here, https://www.pcdiskclone.com or email us at support (a) pcdisktools.com

PC Win Boot

For help related to PC Win Boot please go to here.


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