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PC Disk Clone X 11.5

System Backup/Image & Drive Clone Software

  • Cloning or Imaging Windows 7, 8, Vista, xp and server 2008.
  • Restore System to dissimilar hardware.
  • Backup Windows while running on Windows.
  • Continue to work while backup is in progress.
  • Back up to external USB, Firewire Drives faster.
  • Copy Hard Drive at high speed of up to 7GB/min.
  • Automatic Downsizing and Upsizing Disk & Partition Capacity.
  • PC Recovery CD/DVD USB maker - PC Win Boot included FOR FREE!
System requrements:
  • Windows XP, 2003 Server, Vista, 2008, 7, 8, Server 2008, PE, Windows-X64
  • Administrative rights to execute PC Disk Clone
  • 1+ GB disk space, 50MB+ RAM

PC Disk Clone X is a Windows Backup program that allows cloning of computer hard drives to backup data or migrating system to another PC. It copies all data on physical level with a full support of IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB, Firewire Interfaces. Besides these compatabilities, PC Disk Clone X copies at a high speed of 7GB per miniute.

PC Disk Clone X is especially programmed for external backup and computer replacement . If you are going to back up your computer to external USB or Firewire disk, or going to replace your old computer with new one without reinstalling Windows and software in the new one. PC Disk Clone X is the right tool for you. With the help of PC Disk Clone X, you can easily copy entire hard drive to a new one. Your Windows System, software, personal files and music will be exactly there. The ease of use allows not only PC beginners but technicians and professional users to handle the tasks easily.





Support Diverse Hard Drive and Windows OS

  • Clone and Image Windows 7, 8 / Vista, XP, Server 2008
  • Restore System to dissimilar hardware.
  • Transfer entire Hard Drive to USB 2.0 / 3.0 drive, RAID 1-3, SCSI, flash RAM drives.

Fast and Automatic

  • Copy up to 7GB/min monster speed.
  • Best solution for PC to PC migration.
  • Resize Disk layout and Partition size on-the-fly. Fast and secure resizing to accommodate all PC to PC situations.

PC Win Boot - Rescue CD/USB Disk Builder

  • Boot PC Disk Clone X from PE 3.0 Recovery Boot Disk.
  • Able to Fix MBR error, BCD error. Disk management tools.
  • Easy amd customizable. Create your own DIY Recovery CD is easier than you think!

Powerful functions

  • Disk to Disk, Partition to Partition clone.
  • Disk to Image, Image to Disk Backup / Recovery
  • Partition to Image, Image to Partition Backup / Recovery

Protect your data and Windows Today!

What you will get:

  • One license for PC Disk Clone X.
  • PC Win Boot 'enterprise-license' for 2 computers.
  • Life-time support from PC Disk Tools technical support team.
  • Free updates for all minor and major versions

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