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PC Data Recovery Quick Tutorial


Once downloaded the current version. Unzip it, and choose the right platform according to whether your Windows system is 64bit or 32bit. Installation is simple, by default, click continue until it's fully completed. Now you are ready to run the program from your Windows start menu.


Please notice that without a license you will not be able to run PC Data Recovery. If this is the first time you run PC Data Recovery, a registration form will be prompted. Find out your order ID and email which you used when placing order and copy them into the registration form, then choose the license type the order you placed, this information also contains in your email.


Choose the drive for Scan

The first step is to choose the drive where mis-deleted files were. Then click next button to continue.



The entire drive will be scanned thoroughly. Files that were deleted will be found in this step.



Once scanning has been completed, all files including deleted files will be listed in the list shown below. Now find the files and folders, select them and click "Save To" button.



Now choose a folder where you want the recovered files to be saved to.



Files will be recoverred until the progress bar goes to the end.



Now all your files has been recoverred and saved to another folder.


Get Back your Files Today - PC Data Recovery!

What you will get:

  • One license for PC Data Recovery.
  • Life-time support from PC Disk Tools technical support team.
  • Free updates for all minor and major versions

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You will be able to download the product immediately after ordering! The billing information will be sent to your email and you will be able to register PC Data Recovery using the order id and email right away. License verification process requires internet access, please make sure the internet is connected.
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